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from the original on March 31, 2012. Thus I deleted the part about Lincoln being a devout Christian, and changed his religion to be uncertain, possibly Deist. - 19:07, 10 Nov 2004 UTC Bah, stupid edit non-conflict. He lost his plea for an injunction; however, failed to receive letters from the court, which caused the lawsuit to lapse. I've left a note on the person's user page, but what if he does not responds? [ ] In January 2016, development was halted, and the main developer, , was fired by Brennan. This means we are not going to ban distasteful subreddits. -- 00:15, 22 Sep 2004 UTC You should also complain to EB then. 03:58, 27 Oct 2004 UTC Theophilus II article needs edit There is an error in the article namely that he is not the "II" at all. Louisiana Police's antifa list In September 2018, the were scrutinized for using a list of personal information about supposed activists originally posted on 8chan's politics board. Otherwise we could use , I suppose. Collins, Ben January 8, 2021. 21:47, 27 Oct 2004 UTC Except in English the plural of prefix is prefixes, not prefices. Dale, Brady 30 October 2015. Abortion-Breast Cancer: Too ambiguous? The leak reportedly contained "shiny things such as internal emails and the entire database dump. In my opinion the practice is not in harmony with. The report also stated that this is the first time a suspected Internet predator was arrested by the police as a result of. The account is a year old, and no edits were ever made using the account. The reason is that an encyclopedia should ideally only use and cite sources whose credibility is well established, and any brand-new site set up by ourselves would not qualify, not until it had stood the test of time. Need to include "I'd fuck her socks" Derived from "I'd hit it" after an animated gif of a guy fucking a girl's feet with the socks half on. We will not ban legal content even if we find it odious or if we personally condemn it. , writing in , compared it to the outing of the alleged blackmailer of and suggested that such outings may be justified, but that they may also unduly focus attention on individuals without confronting the underlying problems by engaging in "sensationalism" at the expense of cultural reform. Brennan created the website after observing what he perceived to be rapidly escalating and a loss of on the Internet. Archived from on 6 October 2014. CS1 maint: archived copy as title• [[User:Dpbsmith ]] 03:21, 17 Nov 2004 UTC• 11:37, 10 Nov 2004 UTC You can get that information from the page history and add it to the article. Callahan, Chrissy May 31, 2019. The Internet Archive also lets you see older and saved versions of sites, I hope you have time since there are over 55 billion sites to look at. 23:07, Oct 27, 2004 UTC Exactly. Some estimated 3000 people gathered in the capital, while around 300 protested in Maribor. , Carly Page, The Inquirer, 19 November 2013. If those tech giants had everything, neither the deep web search engines nor the hidden web would have existed. it looks for its results from a large number of places. The primary goal is to help librarians and other researchers understand both the strengths and limitations of Wikipedia as a reference tool; I suspect it could have the secondary value of drawing the attention of the Wikipedian community to some of our weaknesses and thus stimulating the community to consider some ways we might turn Wikipedia into a more valuable reference. , David Meyer, ZDNet CBS Interactive , 21 November 2011. 01:19, Oct 30, 2004 UTC It can be useful to turn on for a little while, when you are doing nothing but adding interwikis or making some systematic correction such as the same disambiguation over and over. 04:52, Nov 16, 2004 UTC If a link isn't useful, we should remove it. The experiment uses a normal light source and the point of the slits is to narow this down. — 21:28, 21 Oct 2004 UTC I think I fixed it. The basic issue that you're wrestling with is, I think: just because we don't accept something doesn't mean it's not good. is about to get vandalised, I predict. Just small relevant parts that relate to each Caliph starting from a page or less for each Caliph or so right now there is nothing there 12:39, 22 Oct 2004 UTC 1952 Lynmouth Can anyone resolve Lynmouth floods and deaths in see discussion page for 1952. On April 14, 2011, the original URL of the site was redirected to a new website named " Oh Internet" that bore little resemblance to Encyclopedia Dramatica. compared it with the children's book and said, "White folks have taken that beautiful sentiment and distorted it to suit their infinite need to center themselves". Although I absolutely understand some of 's concerns, I think there are good arguments for both views. A watermark on the image led to a Twitter account which had published many other overtly racist and antisemitic images. As a result, Anonymous websites and YouTube channels vowed revenge, initiating Operation Anon Down. Palmer, Scott May 28, 2019. com Technical fault 20 May 2016 20 May 2016 imgur. — 01:39, Oct 14, 2004 UTC Ooh, they have fuller names. The first tweet by the hackers states: "As the pandemic arises, Filipinos need fast internet to communicate with their loved ones. [[User:Dpbsmith ]] 02:44, 15 Nov 2004 UTC• - 19:21, 10 Nov 2004 UTC That is, the person who died was a friend of his. The hacker, known as "Rubico", claimed he had read Palin's personal e-mails because he was looking for something that "would derail her campaign". The hackers also proclaimed that if North Korea do not accede to their demand, they will wage "Cyber War. Since Wikipedia is responsible for the content of its mirrors, it seems reasonable that Google could lower the of every mirror. After the accident of Bruce Reimer, the hospital canceled the circumcision of Brian Reimer. Of course, beyond the mild amusement of seeing all the Wikipedia mirrors also claim that Ike and Tina Turner are revered in Hebrew verse, there were only references to " Tzena, Tzena". Any help will be dearly appreciated. Easy to find this with a simple Google search. 20:28, 1 Oct 2004 UTC I think , etc. 19:08, 10 Nov 2004 UTC His reveals that it's a friend of his. Together with the fact that the memes are a complete mess and not really fit for inclusion in an encyclopedia, I think they should be removed. — 02:49, 15 Nov 2004 UTC Top-level reply. Monster changed his decision to provide content hosting to 8chan soon after the company's removal from Voxility, citing concerns that 8chan did not have the ability to adequately moderate content. 18:48, 9 Oct 2004 UTC Sorry all, went there and saw the small text indicating the source. Can anybody else share their opinion on these links? A video was released urging the governing to let the citizens protest. References [ ]• In December 2010, the document archive website used by came under intense pressure to stop publishing. I agree with other posters that it is not appropriate to make a 'call to arms' to an activist group over this or any other issue. This hidden web search engine was created by Tim Berners-Lee and is the oldest deep web search engines out there. Erik Martin, general manager of Reddit, defended the jailbait subreddit by saying that such controversial pages were a consequence of allowing free speech on the site. His is getting out of hand, and uncontrolable due to the constant vandalism. Sarah Palin email hack [ ] Shortly after midnight on September 16, 2008, the private account of was hacked by a user. Anyway, you haven't actually answered my question above. Does anyone have any comments? Hogge, Betty June 5, 2008 , , The New Statesman, from the original on June 12, 2008 , retrieved June 11, 2008. Earnest, the alleged perpetrator of a shooting at a synagogue in , on April 27, 2019, and an at a mosque in nearby on March 25, had posted links to his and his attempted livestream on 8chan, which Earnest also named as a place of radicalization for him. — 02:26, 15 Nov 2004 UTC Suspect article Article : is this a wind up? I would welcome a constructive dialogue on this issue. 2 Raptor Jesus 2 I WAS BORN INTO A WORLD. You do not have to have an account to post content, and. Many members adhered to the "" ideology, which espoused despondency often coupled with views that condoned, downplayed, or advocated , while referring to women as "femoids" and "sluts". Media While some media sources reacted in the way the original authors on 4chan had expected, others like described the campaign as , or a prank. That may not be the best technical means. How exactly will that encourage them to join us? Jean Huot and Max Cham burned off the penis of Bruce Reimer• Archived from on 13 June 2015. Perhaps what wrote above: "Theophilus II, grandson of Theophilus who claimed the throne in 867 after his father was assassinated. Visiting or joining a quarantined subreddit requires bypassing a warning prompt. Categories lead to such messy situations like that. We count among our Anonymous forebears: 'I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Wikipedia would never use a source such as "A random myspace user", or "A grandmother". fuck im getting so hot right now. 11For several years, Encyclopedia Dramatica was the only place to go to read about 4chan culture. Support of anti-PDAF movement [ ] Anonymous Philippines has hacked 115 government websites, prompting Philippine law enforcement agencies to go after them, citing the unnecessary use of hacking. " It has long been noticed in motion pictures. in editing various articles about Internet-related topics, I make use of the fact that I was there in the early days, and probably some stuff has snuck in that's not documented a lot of the early days were poorly documented. from the original on November 25, 2015. Added a line to the top stating that 4chan was coming back under new management. Could any one please provide me with a tool or Source Code to implemente this on my own site. ISPs with over 400,000 subscribers subject to blocking orders:• I was under the impression that Wikipedia was something of an 'open-source' encyclopedia. It was an eyewitness account of historical interest. On March 20, 2019, Australian telecom companies , , and denied millions of Australians access to the websites , 8chan, , and as a reaction to the Christchurch mosque shootings. Also a question for developers - if i block say 212. Wonder if it's possible for the system to decide itself? 1 Because he refused to release the name of the officer who shot Mike Brown and 2 Because he challenged Anonymous, calling their threats hollow. Archived from on January 16, 2015. from the original on 15 June 2015. If any of its members are not susceptible to or —the province of the , and therefore of the divide that characterizes —then the trolling will proceed. There are many other sites like Reddit where you can explore a whole new world and learn a lot just like you do on Reddit. It's gonna take some serious proof before I believe Lincoln was gay. I shall in future try to adhere to all customs and rules. The whole point is that these primary sources don't belong in an encyclopedia, any more than the contents of , or the do. " Judge Rotenberg Center [ ] On March 22, 2012, Anonymous announced in a YouTube video that the and those affiliated were all targets. In the meantime, someone who feels very strongly on the matter of Native American rights has been adding material to the page in a non-encyclopedic fashion. Using a variety of techniques, including and , Anonymous also went on to take control of the company's e-mail, dumping 68,000 e-mails from the system, erasing files, and taking down their phone system. i spent a lot of time on it and i would also like any comments and critisisms. Your open anti-circumcision position and subsequent blatant POV pushing this welcomed as opposed to those admins who feign neutrality and support your POV from behind that mask. Most recent activity in this area has been by people with a very strong Zionist or anti-Zionist views and some of us somewhere between but probably just as firm in our views: to lay my cards on the table, I support a two-state solution, and would have no objection -- other than the sheer improbability of it ever happening -- to a unified secular state. If you start a paragraph with a space, it goes all on the same line in a fixed-width format. Release of Westboro Baptist Church Personal Information [ ] Anonymous re-posted the names, addresses, and emails of the prominent members of the on December 16, 2012 due to announced plans to picket the funerals of the victims of the , followed by saying that God would protect their site. Archived from on May 15, 2009. This page is NOT' for 4chan, this page is for pretty much any Wikipedia visitor who is interested in encyclopedic information about the 4chan community. 180 Which shows there are plenty of disambig problems associated with this name. It should help a little in sorting out the confusion and mopping up any unclear links that remain from. We already have a list of compliant mirrors. 5, from the original on December 6, 2014 , retrieved August 11, 2009. Do NOT copy and paste text into this article -- the history will be lost. com was redirected to "Oh Internet", an entirely different website that DeGrippo had created. " 2009 [ ] No Cussing Club [ ] In January 2009, members of Anonymous targeted teen McKay Hatch who runs the No Cussing Club, a website against. " The targets of this trolling come from "every pocket of the Web", to include not only the non- aspects of , e. 8kun's trouble getting back online continued in the subsequent weeks, with Ron Watkins telling "8chan is on indefinite hiatus" on November 16. 21:08, 2004 Oct 13 UTC The easiest way to handle it would be simply to use their full names Roger Meddows-Taylor and Roger Andrew Taylor for the article titles. 7GB of data was stolen from the by Anonymous. 8chan is the home of the discredited far-right. I don't know about you, but one of the reasons I love Wikipedia is that one can find this seemingly-irrelevant information in great abundance. Have you discovered something on the hidden web you think other will find useful? - 18:32, 10 Nov 2004 UTC It sounds harmless to me. -- 00:45, Oct 17, 2004 UTC Every Northern is invited. 4Chan seems to endlessly recycle what other communities get tired of, until the original source is forgotten. from the original on September 12, 2019. I suggest that we get the input of Doctor. org group have become truly problematic. Once a title is selected I'll get an introductory definition in quickly, and then add another section meta-analyzes of Abortion-Breast Cancer. from the original on 5 August 2015. Slot off; every time someone brings these "rules" up they collide with and are borderline trolling besides. I guess your actions will indicate what your decision will have been. It is political spam, and should be treated no differently than when someone inserts corporate or website spam. Hill, Kashmir 15 October 2012. The site was known for hosting ; as a result, it was filtered out from. Why is a war in the Congo worth more wiki-inches than Babylon 5? [ ]• A quick Google search shows that there has been recent speculation about this. I am a software developer and author of the Apress book Build Your Own. I understand your deep concern Dan. reg" make sure it does get called. While the sharing of illegal content is against site rules, wrote that boards do exist to share sexualized images of minors in provocative poses, and that some users of those boards do post links to explicit child pornography hosted elsewhere. from the original on 1 December 2016. IP Torrents• Moore, McKenna August 1, 2018. No evidence exists that anyone tried a less radical treatment before circumcising• With a lawsuit now against Hotz this attracted the attention of Anonymous. This site is a commercial web page which has the primary purpose of helping people find a local gun dealer. -- 04:15, 5 August 2005 UTC Longcat Information once listed at has been merged into the Memes section. from the original on 1 November 2012. — 16:07, Nov 10, 2004 UTC LOOK AT THE LINK. The site was taken offline for approximately one hour. Support of Occupy Wall Street [ ] Several contingents of Anonymous have given support to the movement, with members attending local protests and blogs run by members covering. That it's not okay to be white? — 11:33, 22 Oct 2004 UTC Well, the Abbasid caliph series from till the last Abbasid has nothing there. Many protesters wore based on the character from who, in turn, had been influenced by , or otherwise disguised their identities, in part to protect themselves from. Levy, Megan 16 October 2012. The arrest temporarily disrupted operation of the wiki, but other members were able to resume Cleary's duties. Those words are not in a sentence, and not related to the following sentences ,. from the original on April 19, 2011. Four tildes to "stamp" the document? 119, 30 September 2011 2 Edit request from , 10 November 2011 3 DDoS attacks on the site 4 New Boards notability 2 Removed sentence 1 Mattathias Schwartz 2 Where should I put this in the article? Please consider putting it on your watchlist to avoid persistence of any future vandalism. Milhouse is hardly ever posted on the board except during floods by the one or two idiots who post pictures to piss people off. He is very down to earth person and believes in Karma, hence he never misses an opportunity to help others. -- 04:44, Oct 25, 2004 UTC The issue here is basically whether the Wikipedia is limited in quotations to those who are nationally prominent, or whether it can quote people who know something about a given subject but who are not nationally prominent. It is, in my opinion, a common misconception that the various quirks and intricacies of the internet are unimportant, and that this is incredibly untrue. just like in the article Then go from there, adding entries on everything from rat studies and the discussion of their usefulness. Archived from on August 11, 2012. However, the subreddit promoted rape and suicide. I am a computer idiot and don't know what to do. Once something reaching the level of "", THEN it's big enough to include in Wikipedia. The hackers urged for the revisions of the cybercrime law. Quora allows users to ask anything for other users answers to that question if they got any idea regarding the individual topic. actually that isn't much different from the first one. Village pump miscellaneous archive This page contains discussions that have been archived from. Spanish Police [ ] On June 12, 2011, there was a DDoS attack on the website of the Spanish Police, starting at 21:30 GMT. [ ] He cited the failure of the "Infinity Next" project and disillusionment with what 8chan had become as reasons. This method has some disadvantages. Users post various images containing puzzles. But I hate to see someone thinking the credit should go to Marvin Hamlish! The hacking was followed by a voters' personal information leak, led by Pilipinas, who placed them in the website "wehaveyourdata. If you are looking for an educational portal, then you should visit InfoPlease. from the original on 11 June 2015. Contents• from the original on 24 January 2016. " On December 16, 2008, Encyclopedia Dramatica won the People's Choice Winners category for favorite wiki in 's 2nd Annual Open Web Awards, with as the runner-up and Wikipedia coming in 3rd. Prehaps this "Theophilus I" and "Theophilus II" business was some Wikipedia or otherwise editor's attempt to disambiguate them. Better that people publish original research and original journalism through established venues. 4Chan has different boards for everything you can think of that include but not limited to, music, video games, movies, technology, Japanese anime, etc. I would agree, though, it would have been polite for them to have had something about us on their opening page. Thanks, Cindy Look in your browser's settings for something like "form autofill" or "saved form information"; you should be able to clear it there. Anyway, Theophilus emperor would be a good place for this, there are other emperor articles like that already. 20:21, Oct 24, 2004 UTC A couple of editors want to keep as a redirect, but I don't know why. There are, however, scripts that automate this process. from the original on 11 November 2017. Of course, it doesn't really matter. [[User:Dpbsmith ]] 02:21, 15 Nov 2004 UTC Ok, I understand the intent of this proposal. Have a look at the talk pages and the histories and the NPOV and dispute notices and it will be obvious which articles have issues. 00:29, 28 Oct 2004 UTC Also, according to Merriam-Webster, tri- can be Greek or Latin. Their followers are dumb, marginally educated people and the creators of these rumors manipulate them easier than a 7 year old child wanting ice cream on a hot day. Operation Malaysia [ ] On June 15, 2011, the group launched attacks on ninety-one websites of the in response to the blocking of websites like WikiLeaks and within the country, which the group labels censorship of a basic human right to information. 10:43, 12 Nov 2004 UTC Something must be done about this Look at this: Something must be done about this. The design may not be as pretty as you might want it to be, but if you are a student who is looking for this kind of information, now you know where to look. -- 19:07, Nov 10, 2004 UTC Not to mention that Merovingian's name is Ryan, not Andrew, and his birthday is on 10 November, not 28 September. Watkins, Jim October 7, 2019 [2019]. 14:15, Nov 6, 2004 UTC Possible controversy about the religion of Abraham Lincoln. 01:54, 15 Nov 2004 UTC That does sound like a worthy idea. Report generated based on a request from. McElroy, Justin January 15, 2015. Besides which, we seem to route around vandalism relatively well. Operation Ice ISIS [ ] In the early days Red cult under the banner of Anonymous begun to attack the so-called 's social media accounts and Internet-based recruitment drives, apparently destroying "months of recruiting work", and released a statement saying: ISIS, We will hunt you, Take down your sites, accounts, emails, and expose you. from the original on 23 November 2018. Main article: Anonymous posted a video warning on to the of the on October 1 announcing the engagement of Operation Hong Kong, condemning the government's 's use of force in the ongoing. 10:53, 12 Nov 2004 UTC odd, minor edits from anons In my watchlist, I have noticed a regular pattern over the past couple of months of new anons with no existing page making one small, almost irrelevant edit to an article - like changing US to USA, or changing a verb to its synonym. I can't see why we should have few "chosen" memes listed here when we have that. Andrew Ramadge March 20, 2008. This led to the indirect blocking or hiding of sites at the following domains, among others:• Bureaucrats don't have much more "infinite cosmic power" than , other than the ability to create new admins. This site is similar to Reddit, but here you get Sub-Verses instead of Sub-Reddits. Notable communities are , and , for example.。