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Reading the opinions of others has helped give some clarity to my own feelings and in one case has offered some cultural reasoning to justify what I consider to be character failings however none of these have relieved my pain so maybe writing this will help. Overall, I recommend it, but mostly the first nine episodes. The breaking point was JH demanding that JA come to him to the US. Very everyday scenes were dragged out too long, which although makes it more real and organic, there is only so much I can take. He also said that both of them now are close friends and contact each other freely. I saw this drama as a reflection of how that happens in any society. Choi Kwan-Yong, Ma Jung-hoon, and Park Joon-SEO are the executive producers of this series. When a 2 whole minutes hug came, I truly became restless. The female lead Jin-ah played by Son Ye-jin is in her late 30s, whereas the male lead Joonhee played by Jung Hae In is in his 20s. The tale is about 35-year-old Yoon Jin-ah and the 20-something Seo Joon-hee. Moreover, if you have not watched the series yet, head to Netflix and binge on all the 16 episodes. Her fellow actresses gave him high marks. Archived from on November 15, 2018. How each character viewed their relationship was telling: JA did like the fact that a younger man found her attractive and desirable. In the end, culture was considered to be normal but unspoken among South Korean companies. For an American who is not Asian, it was a little astonishing but believable because of the acting. In each case we were presented with an issue of conflict, there was much angst and aggravation until the worst possible outcome was realised or forgotten in the case of the ex-boyfriend - and then after a jump to the future there is brief resolution. The romance isn't as conventional as it seems Though it is still a boy-meets-girl story, it's one of few showcasing an older woman dating a younger man. I have mixed reactions about this drama. But, the couple needs to tackle numerous obstacles and prejudices that come their way. He is charming, attentive, but also selfish, temperamental and paternalistic. She didn't care if she was ruining her daughter's happiness, it was her way or the highway and she ended up losing her daughter in the end. JA and KS had serious discussions as friends. But would never watch this one again! The chemistry was still there but the spark was missing, making what could have been my favorite romance of all time, one that I found myself barely making it to its conclusion. I'm actually quite angry that such an important issue as sexual harassment in the workplace was given the treatment it got. It was clear that JA and JH loved being together. Realistically, a parent should be objective and when they realize that they're being unrealistic and that their children are pulling away from them, they change in an attempt to keep them. However just because something is prevalent within a culture doesn't mean it's right or acceptable and although drama as an art form is often about reflecting truth in society, it is also a medium for setting examples for how we could live. And if I have to hear 'Stand By Your Man' one more time, it will be one time too many. Her job was becoming more unbearable. They never discussed a shared future together. In a chance timing of motive and opportunity, JH returned to Korea after three years, and the first cute woman he saw he went after surprising himself that it was his noona. Just then, Joon Hee appears before her with a broad smile on his face. Is Jung Hae-in already married? In Something In The Rain we get to see his acting range, from cute to romantic to passionate. I think the main issue was that there wasn't enough plot to fill 16 episodes so they created unnecessary drama towards the end. And as the episodes went on, there was no intellectual, emotional or spiritual growth in their relationship. He never asked her hand in marriage. This will also continue in the sequel part of the series. Jung Hae-in with Son Ye-jin byeolkorea. So judging by her statements, there is a possibility of a new season happening. But the drama really went downhill after the halfway point. She thought the world viewed her as a commodity and not as a person or a woman. If seeing two people snuggle and kiss for 14 episodes is your jam, then this is your show. So it seems strange to write a review about his latest work and say that, while it no less beautiful or artful or well-framed, it's use of music is ear-screechingly bad and its portrayal of women's lives depressing. Which means the stupid issues they had were absolutely POINTLESS. Today, we are going to speculate about Something in the Rain Season 2. After that, you could probably skip to the finale and be just as satisfied. Brilliant in its subtleties, this was a true example of a slow-paced romantic melodrama. Jin-ah is a district supervisor in her 30s at the franchise Coffee Bay an actual Korean chain and Joon-hee is an animator in his 20s at Smilegate Entertainment. JTBC is the original network of this series. So, we would have to rely on speculation. If I never hear any of these songs again in any version I will count myself blessed. Though the chemistry that Jung Hae-in and Son Ye-jin had in the drama was solid, when the actor was asked about the true relationship between him and Son Ye-jin, he said that it was only a script is fiction and lies. It is watching two people slowly and then passionately fall in love with one another. There were little wasted scenes. It was broadcast on every Friday and Saturday at 23:00 from March 30 to May 19, 2018. Their communication was superficial. Need to see your leads frolic in the snow while wearing giant parkas? I just feel like this couple deserved more. And the mood on the set was fun but professional. Overall, I recommend the drama but caution expecting much from the story. Why these two people who have very little in common should love each other is not for us to know. Where the mom would finally recognize her flaws and let them be together. After the pair meets, they gradually start developing an inkling of romance which soon grows into a full-fledged relationship. It seems, according to him, she is not quite attractive. The harassment of her by superiors was intolerable. The latest K-drama everyone's buzzing about is Something In The Rain, also known as Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food. It aired on the channel every Friday and Saturday at 23:00 KST. Right, someone she could passionately love while be acceptable to her family. Something in the Rain Trailer: While we wait for an update on season 2, check out the trailer for season 1 of the show. However, because these two jump from meeting on the road to being madly in love, I was deprived of my favourite part of romance, that is the falling in love process. Release Details Of Something in the Rain Season 2 The first season of this series was released on 30th March 2018. I probably should add that I am a hopeless romantic who watches Casablanca every few years and still enjoys it every time. I can respect your opinion if you like this drama, but it dragged too much and since the events that transpired essentially led to nothing, I can't every recommend it to anyone I'd actually try my best to dissuade you from the waste of time. Forced to be a participant, essentially, in her own mistreatment. Ahn Pan-Seok is the director of this series. It is, in fact, a warm and often-visually beautiful representation of the ordinary life of a very ordinary noona and her very ordinary romance with her friend's dongsaeng. After many dramas where the OST becomes as ingrained on your memories as the most touching scenes do, I wondered if Koreans watching dramas with more typical soundtracks are just as distracted by the constantly repetitive lyrics. Do you think they can be the next Song-Song couple? She is a typical South Korean woman in her 30s who feels emptiness in her heart because she doesn't feel accomplished in either career or love which every woman around her age can empathize with. It may have been a long time since a man approached her instead of through blind dates. And most of all, it is incredibly refreshing to see sensible "normal" people compared to all these overly egoistic and egocentric characters in American blockbusters that are only motivated by money, sex, violence, power. I even wanted to tell random passersbys to watch this drama if they want to FEEEEEL what it is like for two people to fall in love. I could go on describing scenes like this one, there are a handful. Archived from on June 1, 2016. Because of that, the cinematography became, in my eyes, one of the drama flaws. Also if you are interested in Asian cultures or have never been to Korea you will probably learn a lot. I just wish there was a more compelling storyline to go with it. Character Traits: I will concede that in order for there to be drama, there must be conflict. We are left to speculate about their past, future and, at times, present. At first I loved it, it felt fresh - a little rough round the edges but it was okay. It was an unintended consequence because it masked the original story line and theme. KS was her best friend who she could confide in. She was an apologetic follower. He was angry that she rejected his solution. They were too cute for words for the first six -eight episodes. Likewise, JA did not seek out his advice on how to find a solution to any of her problems. There is also a secondary plot about workplace harassment, where Jin-Ah gets harassed by Director Nam. She is often under pressure to find a husband and settle down. Yoon Jin Ah is a woman in her mid-30s who doesn't know yet what it's like to date a man. So many stupid things happened between them and NOTHING changed. The episodes give an intimate look into how they fall in love, struggle with their age differences considered to be Taboo in some circles , and find the courage to go public with their relationship to everyone around them. This drama starred Son Ye-jin and Jung Hae-in as the main characters. No close-up shot of the face expression, no weird or telling gate, no encounter to be remembered later on, just a walk that bears no significance whatsoever in the plot, except perhaps that it teaches us how people walk in Korea. Which is not to say that there is anything wrong with the writing, acting or cinematography of this show. I am a European, old, white male and therefore as far away from the intended target group of this movie as possible I guess. Did it satisfy your curiosity? He has returned to the country from his work in the USA after three years. Her reputation is to immerse herself in her characters. He wanted to control the situation. She wanted to keep it a secret because she knew it was all merely fun: companionship with benefits, not a serious relationship. If that was gonna be the case, why did I waste 16 hours give or take, because some of the episodes were longer than 1 hour if they were just gonna be together after all the heartbreak with no developments? He knows that as a celebrity, this kind of thing, and this kind of news, will always come and go as time passes. Hers was just one example of the story not being handled well. The series marks Son Ye-jin's small screen comeback after five years. But only if you are brought up to embrace noble martyrdom as a woman's main role. Not your usual Kdrama rom-com stuff. Or at least they would recognize that they wouldn't be able to be together with the way her mother feels and therefore, change the way they would make their relationship work. I think this was an important drama for women to watch. It is a romantic Korean drama with 16 episodes aired from March 30th to May 19th, 2018. Stay Tuned with for Further Updates Categories Tags , , Post navigation. However, JH did not want to keep it secret. And when she was recruited for the series, PD Ahn promised he would do things so she could meet her goals. She rarely stood up for herself. And again, a man she wanted to marry dumps her for the worst reason ever: that she's like bland, ta. Even though Son Ye-jin is four years older than Jung Hae-in, it does not really matter because many men out there like older women. JH is young and carefree in YOLO life style. Except this is less about two lost souls finding one another and more of a story of realizing the right person was someone you knew all along. Plot Lines: Every single storyline in this series had an unsatisfactory ending. Currently, all of the episodes are available on the platform, complete with subtitles. The heroine was so annoying and made one stupid mistake after another. But instead, they broke up and got back together after some time apart and realizing that they still loved each other and they were back to square one! JH solution was that JA would be there for him. It is too slow, too repetitive, people are too sensitive for the story to sell outside Asia, it's overall "too Korean", people spend too much time eating and drinking and many other reasons. What in the beginning seemed like beautiful aesthetics meant to create an atmosphere and enhance the plot, turned soon enough to be a trick to hide the lack of it. There are last minute obstacles that could have been resolved with communication and then a quick resolution at the very very end. As reality encroached on their secret life, real serious issues arose between their family members and friends which the couple did not or could not discuss and work out together. Kim Eun is the writer of this series. Spanning 16 episodes, it concluded with its finale on May 19, 2018. Nobody in this drama became a better person. And if you are still looking for news and updates related to K-Pop, K-drama, and the South Korean entertainment industry, please browse our website. Something in the Rain Cast: Who is in it? JA must have seemed that this current ex-BF was her best shot since she was serious enough to slept with him but his betrayal left her bitter, angry and alone. Son Ye Jin is showing so much motivation and effort as she is always holding onto her script and having numerous discussions with the director on expressing her character more fully. I loved the chemistry between the main couple. Without giving things away the ending was pretty cliche. The show skips when both of the characters are in their 40s. For those who want a fluffy, happy romance this is the wrong show, even if there's a lot of that in the first half. The surprise flirtation and familiarity was the spark to set them on a quick path to become lovers. And while there is a lesson in that for women, it's not a particularly uplifting one. Clearly the drama was more character rather than plot driven. What was not good: - The writing. Something in the Rain Season 2 Release Date No release date has been announced as of yet. A lot of people hated the mother in Uncontrollably Fond and I didn't , but I for real hated this mom just to give you something to go off of. Joon Hee was possessive and controlling until the end and Jin Ah was a compulsive liar throughout. However, its touch on societal stigma is something that women from everywhere can relate to. JA and JH never discussed the big things like their expectations, marriage and family life together. The acting itself was good and I can't fault them in particular. But, Jung Hae-in never confirmed or denied the rumor between him and Kim Go Eun. JH returns to Korea after 3 years in USA. Since her mid 20s, JA had been groomed by her mother to go out with a certain kind of man one of status, means and upward mobility. Wondering about what to watch? It is in the genre of romance TV series. She really does not talk about goals or a future. I hope fans of this series will be satisfied with this information and stay tuned for more updates. Jin-ah Son Ye-jin is the most everywoman portrayed on TV: told her job is to compromise, to keep the peace, to slide through without conflict. There is a total of a single season with 16 episodes and each episode runs up to 75 minutes. South Korea is the country of origin and Korean is the original language of this series. When she does make a close friend, she tries hard not to break that bond, even it means hurting herself in the process. Even though both are adults, they both had serious maturity issues. Her decision making was mired in self-conflict, self-doubt. Average TV viewership ratings Ep. JH and SH had serious talks as friends. If you fall into this category, no matter what else you like or dislike I highly recommend this series. So yes, I HATED this mother very much - wanting to punch her in the mouth a lot. Let me make this clear: I have absolutely nothing against a slow pace that helps the viewer enter the world of the characters. Here's some reasons you should check it out too. I feel like the story was made too dramatic especially with inappropriate music for the scene but that may have been due to the difference between my culture and Korean culture. We shall update this section with more concrete news as and when we learn more. In contrast to a lot of Kdramas that are shown to be bathed in blinding white light, everything in this show was shot with warmth and intimacy. As for the international viewers, it debuted on on April 13, 2018. After being dumped by her boyfriend, she suddenly feels romantic feelings towards her best friend's younger brother Joon-hee. It is ironic perhaps that the people who will truly hate this show are the ones who love shows that promote woman's noble martyrdom as a virtue to be rewarded - like Mischievous Kiss. If I have to watch a slice of life drama, I want to become attached to these people, but here I grew increasingly indifferent to all of them, otp included. I doubt anybody suffering from this treatment would feel inspired or hopeful about coming forward from watching this. There's so many scenes of people sharing food and eating delicious things, it'll give you serious food envy in the best possible way. Moreover, even the depiction of love is realistic, something that even ordinary couples can connect to. Their screen time was very little, but their interaction looks cute and adorable, making people love it. Indeed, I could end my review here, since the above is basically all the drama left me with. They are both gorgeous, that must be it. He never understood her position, her feelings or her long term goals. Not yet happy, these badly outlined characters are for the most part disagreeable. Sometimes it is hard to be a woman. The families were really culturally interesting and complex. Jin Ah has always remembered him as a little kid, but one day, he comes back as a really masculine man. Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food is a 2018 directed by and starring and. She decided to take the role even after seeing all the negative sides to it. When he acted, he just tried to deliver and portray the character as best as he can. In the end, Jin-ah will only be happy, and the people around her will only be happy, if she stops trying to make everyone happy. The one true flaw was the OST, which was so awful it had me muting the soundtrack throughout. Those are all just fiction and lies. How about a weekend trip including a picturesque cottage stay? He claims the scripts were all read in full in October, 2017 but does not say if the scripts were changed in the end. They never really understood the other person's emotional state, and they never deeply discussed how the other person felt in a given situation. I thought it was really beautiful and resonant. Stay tuned on Channel-Korea because our collection of articles will provide you with detailed rundowns of everything you are curious about and eager to learn more. Jin-ah, even after so many years, has not experienced how it feels to really date a man. I know this is a love story but it is also more than that. Especially with the soundtrack seemingly consisting of 3 songs for the most part. Our best guess would be somewhere in mid-2022, bearing in mind all the production hassles they have to go through to get a new season. Worse, episode after episode I started feeling like a voyeur, peeping through the keyhole to spy on an ordinary albeit pretty married couple in its daily routine. Chemistry between the characters were amazing, especially the main, while supporting casts had scene-stealing presence. Also, JH did not ask JA for advice on his work, his options or his troubles. What I perceived as being a story about an unconventional relationship where true love wins out against negative cultural norms, turned out to be about a group of self interested and morally deprived individuals failing to grow as human beings. It appears she has resigned herself to an unhappy life because she is trapped in a culturally oppressive and socially conservative paternalistic world. So have we convinced you to check out the show yet? The show was broadcast on JTBC from March 30 2018 to May 19 2018, featuring 16 episodes in total. You can watch it with English subtitles in Australia right now Netflix is uploading weekly episodes of the show with subs, meaning you won't be behind Korea when it comes to keeping up with the story as it unfolds.。 。 。 。 。
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