About EC

So this is your first visit to EC? Thanks for showing up. We’ve been waiting for you. For a long time, frankly.

"C" is for comments, that's good enough for me.

“C” is for comments, that’s good enough for me.

Whatever the case, step right up. Get yourself a cozy chair. Grab some Doritos or some other incredibly unhealthy snack, I guess. The unhealthier, the better, I always say. And you’re reading the ramblings of a man who clearly knows his snacks pretty well. Like I’m not a lightweight, is what I’m saying. Fortunately, I’m not a boxer, either.


So photos are kind of my business. And this site is dedicated to the art and taskmaster-y that is photography. My ramblings are of quality. If you have any questions about the site, feel free to comment. I love your comments. I eat them like the Cookie Monster eats cookies.

Anyway. Hip hop and you don’t stop and a riggy to the ruggles.

2000 out!