Nikon’s Image System Is The Business

Nature photographer Bill Fortney began shooting for newspapers, then moved on to sports photography, magazine photojournalism and medical photography. But it was when he discovered nature photography in the early 1980s that he became “hooked.” He’s been photographing the great outdoors and teaching nature workshops ever since. His most recent project (with his son Wesley) is a remarkable collection of natural-history landscapes of the U.S. taken from an ultra light airplane at 500 feet, just published in the book America from 500 Feet! Later, he set up, a blog for photographers looking to hone their skills, as well as find out about health subjects.

Fortney has been using Nikon gear for more than 30 years. He says, “As a nature photographer, I’m often faced with subjects and light that are fleeting. If you can’t work fast with equipment in which you have a great deal of confidence, you’re going to miss those shots. Nikon has never let me down!”

Fortney’s field kit includes Nikon F5 and F100 cameras and Nikkor lenses from 14mm to 500mm. And now he’s starting to enjoy the digital revolution, finding the high-res Nikon D1X digital SLR and Super Coolscan 4000 ED scanner to be invaluable. He adds, “Of course, no system is complete without Nikon’s great Micro-Nikkor lenses and TTL controlled flash systems!”

Tools of the Trade

Whatever your photographic needs, Nikon provides the perfect tool.

The new Nikon D1x is a professional digital SLR with a 5.47-megapixel CCD. The Dlx offers nearly the same versatile features of Nikon’s pro 35mm film SLRs, including Nikon’s exclusive 1005-pixel 3D color Matrix metering with Database performance, plus center-weighted and Spot Metering, exclusive five-area Dynamic Autofocus with Focus Tracking and Lock-On, and the D1x accepts the legendary Nikkor lenses. Other highlights include shutter speeds from 30 seconds to 1/16,000 second, plus TTL flash sync up to sec. and sec. with manual control using Nikon’s’ SB-28DX Speedlight, and a lot more. Among its digital features are two color modes, and a 2-inch color monitor with white LED backlighting. File types include Nikon’s NEF raw files (full size and compressed), two types of uncompressed TIFF (RGB and YcbCr), plus 3 JPEG compressed types. Using Type I and Type II CompactFlash[TM] cards, plus IBM’s Microdiives[TM], the D1x excels.

While the Dlx excels with its higher resolution, the D1H has been created for high speed and action photography. The D1H incorporates nearly all of the D1x camera’s image, processing, controls ergonomics, but for action photography it uses a 2.74-megapixel CCD and lets you shoot at speeds up to 5 pictures per second, while buffering up to 40 shots. Both the D1x and the D1H are provided with a rechargeable battery, charger, Nikon view 4 software, Cumulus 5 LE software, strap and Nikon Inc s one-year limited warranty available exclusively at authorized Nikon Professional Digital Products Dealers.

nikonlensesThe Nikon F5 pro SLR has been the market’s premier 35mm SLR. Loaded with features and performance it is the leading choice among professionals. With speeds up to 8 frames per second, Nikon’s Dynamic AF with Focus Tracking and Lock-On and a rugged metal chassis, the F5 leads for quality and performance.

Nikon’s rugged Fl 00 offers many of the F5’s capabilities, but is more compact, lighter and easier to own. It shares Nikon’s leadership 3D Matrix Meter, Dynamic AF and loads more performance; it’s just about the most popular camera in its class. A special advantage for Dynamic AF: it keeps focusing on the subject even if the subject moves out of the initial AF area. Overlap Servo allows the camera to simultaneously detect focus and drive the lens for quicker performance, while Lock-On keeps focus on the subject even if something momentarily comes between camera and subject.

The Nikon N80 provides a great way to enter the world of Nikon photography, with its very affordable price and wide range of great Nikon features, including a powerful built-in Speedlight that provides 3D Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash, 18 custom Settings, on-demand viewfinder grid lines, a depth-of-field preview button, 2.5-fps continuous shooting with Focus Tracking and Lock-On, 5-area Dynamic AF and lots more.

Nikon’s 3D Matrix Balanced Fill-Flash established the standard for TTL flash control that excels with automatic balanced fill-flash. The latest additions to Nikon’s flash line-up are the Nikon SB-28DX and the new more-compact SB-50DX, both designed for use with Nikon’s D1 -series digital cameras and 35mm film SLRs. Nikon’s 3D Multi-Sensor Balanced Fill-Flash (achieved when using AF Nikkor D-type optics) incorporates subject distance data into exposure calculations to enhance accuracy for beautifully balanced flash photos indoors or out; The SB-50DX adds stave flash performance that lets you position a remote slave for easy creative lighting. Add Nikon’s SU-4 remote sensor to the SB-28DX and do the same thing.

If you want to shoot 35mm film and also use your photos digitally, Nikon has the perfect solution: The new Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED scans 35mm slides, negatives and film strips at up to a remarkable 4000 dpi, enough resolution to reproduce the photos as spreads in magazines like this one. It features an amazing dynamic range of 4.2 that holds exceptional detail and sharpness. Digital [ICE.sup.3], a special Image Enhancement Technology, virtually eliminates image spotting from dust and scratches, can restore faded color and minimizes the appearance of grain, at the touch of a button. The Scanner’s Nikkor ED high-resolution lens utilizes Extra-low Dispersion (ED) glass for sharper, clearer scans. Multi-sample scanning, 48-bit color, and batch-scanning capability (with the optional Auto. Slide Feeder) are some of the additional features of this great pro scanner.

A great way to enter digital is with the new Nikon Coolscan IV ED, a 2900 dpi 35mm fim scanner with a 3.6 dynamic range that provides many of the Super Coolscan 4000 ED’s features at a very affordable price, including Digital [ICE.sup.3], a Scanner Nikkor ED lens, and 48-bit color, plus plug-and-play USB Interface for Mac and Windows.

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