Sometimes, Rehab Is The Only Way

It’s a crazy world, I know. We’ve all have times when things get a little out of hand. It’s the nature of today’s beast – everything gets done fast, which means next time it’s got to be faster. Everybody is looking to achieve, to be better, to be the best on the block. It can be difficult, and can lead young adults today into not only despair, but coping methods that always end up being negative. I’m talking about addiction, here, folks. And whether that addiction is about drugs, alcohol or just the Internet, it can be real. It can make for a situation in which the person trying to escape the pressures of everyday life ends up making things a whole lot worse.

This story plays out again and again.

The Right Influences Can Change Everything

A friend of mine ended up getting addicted to Cocaine in his early 20s. It was rough for him, and it wasn’t until he decided to finally give himself over to his addiction completely that he could make the change. He hit rock bottom, basically, and decided that he would need the best drug rehabilitation that money could buy. He decided to get straight, to stop partying and to cut a lot of ties with people who were helping to contribute to the problem. Those are typically the most difficult things to do, but if you find that an addiction has taken over, you really don’t have a lot of choice but to surrender.

He did.

The Right Change For Him

Once he got out of Rehab, and started going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings on a weekly basis, he realized that he had more to live for than ever. He started getting into auto mechanics, and bought himself an amazing old Ford Galaxie. He started eating right, cutting down on red meats and going to yoga. He started to be the guy at parties that you could talk to, basically because he wasn’t already hammered beyond his means.

I talked to him about his situation one day, because we were really close, and he said the whole situation was something he wanted to put behind him, but was on his mind everyday. It was one of those things that he just couldn’t shake, despite the success of the rehab, and the fact that he hadn’t used in a long time. I mean, is there a rule about these things? I really doubt there is. It’s just instinctual.

But he said it was friends like me that kept him going. And he thanked me.

It was a sweet moment.

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